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Come to the Valparaiso Market weekly to shop for fresh local produce, handmade products, and beautiful plants and flowers. The fresh produce will liven up even your favorite recipes or grab lunch on the go from one of the wonderful food vendors. Beautiful plants and flowers make great gifts for friends or just to enjoy at home! The Valparaiso Market is located at the William E. Urschel Pavilion at Central Park Plaza, 63 Lafayette Street in Valparaiso. Visit with local growers and craftsmen to buy plants in early summer and the freshest vegetables from summer through fall.

Check out who is going to be at the market in August here!


Whats In Season?

2019 Workshop Schedule

Each workshop will be held in the Indiana Beverage Activity Center from 10 am-11 am. Each is free to attend and no reservations are needed, just arrive and be ready to have some fun!


Saturday, June 1: Well Dressed KitchenMeal Prep: Starting Your Meal Prep Journey and Staying Consistent

Tuesday, June 4: Chef George from Main & LincolnEarly Summer Suppers: Letting the Market– and What’s in Season– Decide What’s for Dinner   

Tuesday, July 2: Well Dressed KitchenKnife Skills: Prepping All that Produce 

Saturday, July 6: Kajers GreensMicrogreens 101: What Are They and How to Use Them  

Tuesday, September 3: Well Dressed Kitchen – Seasonal Smoothies: Prep and Build Your Perfect Smoothie

Saturday, September 14: Harvest CircleFood and Fun: Dessert Decorating

Tuesday, October 1: Kinfolk Herbs – Tuesday Tea-Making: Fresh Herbs and Spices Make the Best Beverage

Saturday, October 5: Well Dressed Kitchen – Fall Finds:  Benefits of Buying Local and Seasonal Foods All Year Long






Interested in being a vendor?  Click here to apply.

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