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A non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing our community by delivering distinctive events and experiences.

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Our team is small, but mighty and passionate about fun and building a strong community. (Plus, we have an amazing group of over 350 volunteers!) We come to work every day inspired by new ideas and challenge ourselves to continually grow. What would our families enjoy? What do our friends like to do? What events are missing from our line-up? What does our community need next?

Tina St. Aubin

Executive Director

Lori Simon

Marketing Director

Jenny Bennett-Beschinski

Event Coordinator

Michelle Michaels

Event Coordinator

Almost 40 years ago we began under a different name with the Valparaiso Popcorn Festival as the only event. In 2008 we hosted 5 events. In 2018 we will host 13 unique events totaling over 95 days! Our longest running event is also our largest. The Valparaiso Popcorn Festival sees  over 60,000 attendees each year in ONE DAY! Our fastest selling ticketed event is focused on chocolate and our second fastest ticketed event is focused on craft beer. Keep in mind that over 90 days of our events are FREE!

We work hard at creating events that keep downtown Valparaiso hopping. Did you know…we are also behind a few of the great downtown aesthetics? The music piped through the speakers downtown, holiday lights on the trees, up-lights in the trees along the sidewalks, flags on the light poles, planters with flowers – THAT’S US!  Creating FUN is hard work, but we are up for the challenge! Join us and see what we are working on next.

Our team is growing!  Would you like to be a part of a dynamic organization?  This seasonal part-time position may be just for you.  Please forward your resume to info@valparaisoevents.com.  Review the job description here.