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Chocolate Walk 2017 was a Hit!


Last weekend, Valparaiso Events hosted another successful Chocolate Walk! The walk lasted for four hours all around downtown Valparaiso. Notice, it’s a walk, and not a run, and it certainly is not a race! Walkers were encouraged to stop and smell the chocolate! They were invited to peruse different shops on the route, and even stop to have lunch at one of our appetizing restaurants. Participants got to sample chocolate treats from over twenty different vendors, including Ben’s Pretzels, Designer Desserts, Elements Wine Bar, Fluid Coffeebar, Lifestyles, Ivy Boutique, and Valpo Velvet. It was a blast!

We combined three very important things to us: the community, local businesses, and dessert! The walk accomplished its original goal of getting more tourists to the town to really see what Valpo is all about. Valparaiso is all about supporting local businesses while showing people all over how special this town really is.

The third annual chocolatey event sold all 400 tickets within minutes, which is not unusual to the event. As soon as the sale opens, it has always caused a commotion, which just shows how important the walk is to the Valparaiso area!

The response to the walk was overwhelmingly positive, and showed heaps of support to beautiful Valparaiso. “We really just want to bring people to downtown Valparaiso and highlight retail shops and restaurants that most people may not normally visit,” said Kara Nikolski, Event Coordinator with Valparaiso Events, “There will be other specials going on, as well, that day.” There were many people left without a ticket, but were still able to be in on the fun! Plenty of other top-notch vendors had big discounts on their sweets and other chocolate-inspired refreshments, so that non-ticket-holders could be in on the toothsome fun as well. So many people without tickets still came to Valpo to join in, which caused sales to sky-rocket this year, topping both the last two years. This will benefit the town tremendously, as the sales from the Chocolate Walk help fund all the several free (and family friendly) events that are held throughout the rest of the year.

The weather was a little chilly, but this did not discourage walkers! Everyone enjoyed themselves regardless of where the clouds were. The sky may have been dishing out some less-than-savory temperatures, but the vendors were dishing out something much too scrumptious to pass up. This event is suitable no matter what the weather has to offer.

After the walk, participants headed to the Lakes of Valpo Clubhouse for a Complimentary Champagne Reception. This was a tempting end to an even more delectable afternoon. The Clubhouse was just finished in 2016, and this was a great opportunity for those who have not gotten to see the building yet to enjoy a nice glass of champagne in our newest addition to the town. If you missed out on the festivities, stay tuned for our Chocolate Walk next year! Be prepared to buy your ticket as soon as the sale is launched, and get in on the most delicious afternoon in Indiana!

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