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The Valparaiso Market is right around the corner! As you’re perusing the various vendors and booths set up throughout town, you may notice a sign mentioning “Producer Only.” What does it mean? Here to explain is guest blogger Damien Appel of Native Roots Farm…

In an effort to better educate customers and promote fresh local produce, this year the Valparaiso Market will be offering to qualified vendors ‘Producer Only’ signs to hang from their booth.

What does a ‘Producer Only’ sign mean? Well, it’s our guarantee that the vendor meets our qualifications that 90% of their products are grown directly by them. They did all the work to bring these delicious eats to you!

In moving in this direction, the Valparaiso Market is following many areas around the country where farmers markets purposely focus on vendors that are solely producers and not middlemen. This concept is popular for two main reasons:

  1. The market wants to be a step above other places that sell produce and goods. It wants customers to know that what they buy is fresh, local, and something they can’t get anywhere else.
  2. Customers want to shop farmers markets specifically for this reason. A local market is not for California strawberries or Idaho potatoes. Those are both easily purchased at a grocery store.

We do not want to discourage vendors who might source more than 10% of their product from other sources. Rather we want to encourage vendors to work hard in being THE producer of all their products so we can market them as the true community businesses they are.

No other area markets make this distinction to our knowledge. We in Valpo want to be the leaders in supporting LOCAL and bringing to our community the best LOCAL can be!

Special thanks to Damien Appel for being our guest blogger! Remember, the Valparaiso Market returns Saturday, June 4 from 8-2:00 p.m. For more information, click here.

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